Communities and "Food Service"

Because at Azafran we know how important it is to eat well, and believe that you don't have to wait for a special occasion to do so, we also offer our daily menu for communities and individuals, so that you can enjoy a healthy diet every day, at home or in your workplace.

At Azafran, we want to take care of you with a complete and healthy diet, adapted to all needs, intolerances, and stages of life. Both for the elderly who cannot cook daily, for families whose routine does not allow them to prepare everything they want, or for companies who want to guarantee a quality menu for their employees, at Azafran we have a recommendation tailored to your unique needs.


Our service remains available even during confinement; it can therefore also be a great option to avoid going out to shop, or to avoid retaining service personnel with the risk that this can entail.

Contact us, tell us what you need, and we will agree on a daily menu tailored to you, which you will receive every day at home or at your workplace with all the guarantees of hygiene and security.

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