Azafran at home


Our team at Azafran knows that this can be a difficult time to go out for lunch. In general and now more than ever, at Azafran we are very strict in the application of hygenic measures, both for our staff and our facilities, as well as for the customers who visit our resturant. However, we do know that in many cases it can be better to minimize the risk by staying home. Luckily, This does not mean that you must give up tasting the dishes of Azafran. For this, we offer two methods:

Would you like to order our take-away meals?

No problem! Try our takeout service! Just give us a phone call, tell us about your preferences and order details, and our delivery driver will deliver the food right to your door as quickly as possible.

* Service available only in Rabat and Salé, for dishes included in the week's menu. For other preparations or locations, please contact us.

Order your home service now!

Or leave us your phone so that we can call you

Do you want to bring the entire restaurant experience into your own home?

No problem! At Azafran, we want to offer you a one-of-a-kind exquisite experience, which goes beyond home delivery: we transfer the entire restaurant experience to your home, allowing you to enjoy our freshly prepared meals, served by a waiter, in our own dishes. Afterward we take care of everything, leaving your kitchen perfectly clean and tidy.

* This service must be requested at least 24 hours in advance, specifying the exact menu you wish to consume. It is be subject to the availability of our staff. If your dates cannot be adopted due to prior commitments, alternative dates or times will be offered.